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Vermilion Community Centre, Vermilion, AB
A $4 Million community  and multi-use facility including ball rooms and kitchen facilities.
Vermilion Town Hall Addition & Renovation, Vermilion, AB

A $1 Million addition to the existing town hall complete with renovations to the existing facilities.

Budget Self Storage Expansion, Roper Rd., Edm.

A $2 Million expansion to the storage facility originally constructed by Cavan Contractors in 2000. This is our eighth project for Budget Car & Truck Rentals.

  Silvacom Tenant Improvements, Edmonton, AB

A $350,000 tenant improvement upgrade. This is the fifth project for this client.

      Jasper Place High School Modernization (Phases 1 & 2), Edm., AB

An $11 Million modernization to an active high school with a student population in excess of 2000 students. Major architectural, mechanical & electrical upgrades were completed in a multi-phased manner over a three year period. Construction will wrap up late summer, 2006.


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