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    Some comments from satisfied clients:


We highly recommend Cavan Contractors to anyone needing construction management. They met or exceeded all of our expectations regarding this project.

Gary Hill, Budget Car and Truck Rental


We found the professionalism, open communication and receptiveness to changes displayed by their project managers to be of tremendous benefit to the completed construction of this multifaceted facility.

Paul Teolis, General Manager
Roadking Travel Centre, Sherwood Park


This site is one of the best that I have seen in a long time where housekeeping is under control. Keep up the good work.

                              Russell J. Cable, NCSO
                                        Alberta Safety Consulting Ltd.


Cavans' on-site supervision, cost-control and overall demonstration of a collaborative, team-oriented approach to this project have provided us with a high degree of confidence in their capabilities and satisfaction with the finished project.

Brian Fedor, Facilities Services
Edmonton Public Schools


I have found their staff highly competent in running projects, controlling sub-contractors and most importantly, accurate accounting and cost control procedures.

Tony Brammar, B. Arch., M.A.A.A.
ACI Architecture Inc.


We are extremely pleased with the experience, professionalism and cooperation of the firm members listed above, all of whom took a personal interest in the Project.

Jack McCutcheon, Site Services
Manasc Isaac Architects Ltd.



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